Steve Allan Jones has vast experience as a musician and composer working with top Welsh musicians such as Mike Peters (Alarm) and Sian James.

He has played keyboards, co-written and recorded with many pop and rock bands including The Alarm and Spear of Destiny.

Earlier in Steve’s performing career he played with North Wales bands such as ‘Amsterdam’ (supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees) and later with the Glasgow New Romantic outfit ‘The Berlin Blondes’.

Steve composes extensively for theatre – most recently with Kate O’Mara’s British Actors Company and the National Youth Theatre of Wales.

He also writes for TV – credits include “Gamepad” (Bravo) and “All Mixed Up” (ITV).

Steve has been Musical Director for many TiC productions including, Adrian Mole, Little Shop of Horrors, Peter Pan and Bugsy Malone.